María Florencia Noriega

Grupo de Sistemas Complexos
Instituto de Física
Universidade Federal Fluminense
Av. Litorânea, s/n - Boa Viagem
Niterói - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
phone: +55 (21) 8089 1253

Overview of M. Sc project

In 2010 I started a M. Sc project for studying the dynamics of the cellular metabolic reactions with a flux networks approach under Prof. Márcio Argollo supervision and on collaboration with Prof. Alexei Vázquez from the UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

The aim of my research was to study whether the limited solvent capacity inside the cell represents a relevant constraint on the cellular metabolic states. I modeled cellular metabolism using linear programing techniques over a constrained flux network, in order to determine the dynamics of the network and thus its functional states.

Research interest

  • Cellular metabolic network modeling
  • Complex networks
  • Statistical physics
  • Flux networks and optimization


2010 Studied physics at the National Autonomus Univerity of Mexico (UNAM). Bch. Sc. dissertation on quantum optics, under supervision of Dr. Eduardo Nahmad, titled: “Detección homodina con resolución de número de fotones”.

2012 M. Sc. in physics at the Federal Fluminense University, at the complex systems group, under supervision of Dr. Márcio Argollo.

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