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* BSc. (Mar 93 - Dec 97) - Universidade Federal Fluminense - Physics
* MSc. (Mar 98 - Oct 99) - UFF - Physics, Statistical Physics.
* PhD. (Nov.99 - Jan.02) - UFF - Physics, Statistical Physics.
* Postdoctoral research associate (Feb. 02 - April 02), CBPF , at Constantino Tsallis' group.
* Postdoctoral research associate (May 02 - Nov. 05), University of Notre Dame, prof. László Barabási's group.
* Visiting Professor (Jan. 05 - Aug. 05), UFF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
* Associate Professor (Dec. 06- ), IF-UFF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You can find my CV here.

During my MSc years we developed a strategy to increase pattern recognition in attractor neural networks. The idea was to reduce the similarity of memories, replacing each one with the pattern resulting from successive iterations of a (pseudo)chaotic cellular automaton rule. We also proposed a new dynamics that improved the Hopfield-Tank approach for solving the traveling salesman problem. Advantages of a neural-network implementation of the latter problem are their direct in-silico and optical implementations.

My PhD thesis is divided in two parts. One deals with small-world networks, their geometric properties and the critical behavior of the average shortest-path length near zero addition of long-range bonds. We prove that the transition from regular to random behavior is first order. On the second part of the thesis nonequilibrium phase transitions are studied. We define a lattice model of structural rigidity and a translation of the latter problem into a reaction-diffusion one, finding numerical estimates of the set of critical exponents of the model.


I have been introduced to the fascinating field of statistical mechanics of complex systems at the beginning of my undergrad years. I have learned many interesting problems like the traveling salesman problem, memory storage and retrieval in attractor neural networks, complex networks and other biologically-inspired problems.

Some of these studies resulted in publications.

Currently, I take part in a team effort developing a computational model for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a multi-drug resistant pathogen associated with a broad spectrum of infections in humans. My focus is on the reconstruction of its metabolic network.


Física Computacional - GFIXXXX
  • Bibliografia e listas de exercícios - 2010-2
  • Bibliografia e listas de exercícios - 2011-1
  • Bibliografia e listas de exercícios - 2011-2
Semana da Física 2009
Escola do CBPF 2010


Horace Silver Quintet & Elvin Jones Trio 1968 (On Jazz Omkring Midnat - Denmark TV)(link)

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Magic moment begins at 8:15 with Horace Silver, followed with perfection by Billy Cobham at 11:10

Horace Silver Quintet:
Piano: Horace Silver
Trumpet: Bill Hardman
Tenor Sax: Bennie Maupin
Bass: John Williams
Drums: Billy Cobham

Elvin Jones Trio:
Drums: Elvin Jones
Sax; Flute: Joe Farrel
Bass: Jimmy Garrison

Mahavishnu Orchestra live 1972, Syracuse University (link)

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Things start to get vicious at 20:50

John McLaughlin - guitars
Billy Cobham - drums
Rick Laird - bass
Jan Hammer - keys
Jerry Goodman - violin

From Billy Cobham's personal website: In 1992, Cobham was engaged by UNICEF to work with autistic outpatients and street children in the city of Santos (São Paulo) Brazil, in a musical project which lasted for several years.


Marcio Argollo Ferreira de Menezes
Instituto de Física, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Av. Gal. Milton Tavares de Souza s/n
Niterói,RJ (24210-346)
TEL: (55 21) 2629-5773
FAX: (55 21) 2629-5887

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