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* BSc. (Mar 93 - Dec 97) - Universidade Federal Fluminense - Physics
* MSc. (Mar 98 - Oct 99) - UFF - Physics, Statistical Physics.
* PhD. (Nov.99 - Jan.02) - UFF - Physics, Statistical Physics.
* Postdoctoral research associate (Feb. 02 - April 02), CBPF , at Constantino Tsallis' group.
* Postdoctoral research associate (May 02 - Nov. 05), University of Notre Dame, prof. László Barabási's group.
* Visiting Professor (Jan. 05 - Aug. 05), UFF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
* Associate Professor (Dec. 06- ), IF-UFF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I have been introduced to the fascinating field of statistical mechanics of complex systems at the beginning of my undergrad years. I have learned many interesting problems like the traveling salesman problem, memory storage and retrieval in attractor neural networks, complex networks and their emergence in nature and others. Some of these studies resulted in publications (Citations can be found at Web of Science with search entry de menezes ma OR demenezes ma OR de menezes maf or at Google scholar).

You can find my CV here.

I have recently switched interests to the study of topology, dynamics and optimality of transportation networks. With Ernesto Galvão I am also studying some properties of formal systems, more specifically creating algorithms to find distinct grammars that generate the same language over a given alphabet.

The key ideas and tools to study such phenomena are the concepts of universality and the statistical analysis of toy models.

My latest research works were done in collaboration with Alexei Vazquez A.-L. Barabási T.J.P. Penna (Msc and Phd Advisor). Cristian F. Moukarzel (PhD Advisor) A.R. Lima

I have also worked with Ronald Dickman on the study of critical phenomena in nonequilibrium systems (as an old-school guy, he does not have a webpage).

My MSc studies concerned the use of pseudo-chaotic cellular automata as image preprocessors in attractor neural networks and the proposal of a new dynamics that improved the Hopfield-Tank approach for solving the traveling salesman problem. Advantages of a neural-network implementation of the latter problem are their direct in-silico and optical implementations.

My PhD thesis is divided in two parts. One deals with small-world networks, their geometric properties and the critical behavior of the average shortest-path length near zero addition of long-range bonds. We prove that the transition from regular to random behavior is first order. On the second part of the thesis nonequilibrium phase transitions are studied. We define a lattice model of structural rigidity and a translation of the latter problem into a reaction-diffusion one, findind numerical estimates of the set of critical exponents of the model.

You can also take a look at my list of publications . All articles will soon be available for download.

My latest research interest is diabetes. See here some data.


Física Computacional - GFIXXXX
  • Bibliografia e listas de exercícios - 2010-2
  • Bibliografia e listas de exercícios - 2011-1
  • Bibliografia e listas de exercícios - 2011-2
Semana da Física 2009
Escola do CBPF 2010


Horace Silver Quintet & Elvin Jones Trio 1968 (On Jazz Omkring Midnat - Denmark TV)(link)

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Magic moment begins at 8:15 with Horace Silver, followed with perfection by Billy Cobham at 11:10

Horace Silver Quintet:
Piano: Horace Silver
Trumpet: Bill Hardman
Tenor Sax: Bennie Maupin
Bass: John Williams
Drums: Billy Cobham

Elvin Jones Trio:
Drums: Elvin Jones
Sax; Flute: Joe Farrel
Bass: Jimmy Garrison

Mahavishnu Orchestra live 1972, Syracuse University (link)

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Things start to get vicious at 20:50

John McLaughlin - guitars
Billy Cobham - drums
Rick Laird - bass
Jan Hammer - keys
Jerry Goodman - violin

From Billy Cobham's personal website: In 1992, Cobham was engaged by UNICEF to work with autistic outpatients and street children in the city of Santos (São Paulo) Brazil, in a musical project which lasted for several years.


Marcio Argollo Ferreira de Menezes
Instituto de Física, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Av. Gal. Milton Tavares de Souza s/n
Niterói,RJ (24210-346)
TEL: (55 21) 2629-5773
FAX: (55 21) 2629-5887

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